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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 1040a instructions

Instructions and Help about 1040a instructions

Welcome to Form 1040a this is lesson 2 our objectives in this lesson are to understand the requirements for using a 1040a as compared to a 1040ez or even a 1040 we'll go ahead and fill out a sample 1040 a so you can see some of the differences when can I use a 1040 a well a 1040 a has very similar requirements to the 1040ez the biggest difference is if you have a dependent child with a child you can use 1040 a which you cannot use 1040ez you can also claim some additional tax credits by using the 1040 a which we'll look at today I'm going to try a practice problem we have a couple Joe and Katrina Smith they're married they have one child Jenna Joe works his attack at a hospital and Jenna works as a cashier at a local grocery store he rent a townhome and they received 16 dollars from an account that would be interest however they didn't receive a 1099 int which is typical if you only receive a small amount of interest we just need to make sure we keep track of that one other important difference between a 1040a and a 1040 which we haven't looked at is whether you rent or on a home or townhome some property if you rent you can use a 1040 a if you own a home or some other living property then you'll need to fill out the 1040 a because you may be able to itemize and we will be talking about that man our next lesson here is w-2 from Joe Smith from st. Anthony's Hospital we'll want to make sure that we pay special close attention to the federal income tax withheld number we'll need to pull that off same thing with his wife Katrina we'll need to make sure that we record this 1080 or keep this close so we can look at it when we're filling out our tax return now do they qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit well if we are married filing joint with one qualifying child we need to have our adjusted gross income be less than forty three thousand two hundred and ten if we look back at their two w-2s 13 526 six is definitely less than that threshold we're going to have to fill out a worksheet to make sure but in first glance it looks like they probably will qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit one thing you can do if you don't want to figure out the credit by yourself and you'll see that it's a little bit time-consuming is you can enter the letters e I see to the left of the entry space on your 1040 at the earned income credit line which is 38 a keep in mind that your maximum credit could be as much as three thousand two hundred fifty with one qualifying child so it would definitely be.


What is the difference between Form 1040 and 1040EZ?
The only real difference between the forms is in the amount of information reported. The IRS has a list of items, which if reported on your return, require using either the Form 1040A or Form 1040 instead of Form 1040EZ.
Is a 1040 the same as a tax return?
The IRS 1040 form is one of the official documents that U.S. taxpayers use to file their annual income tax return. The 1040 form is divided into sections where you report your income and deductions to determine the amount of tax you owe or the refund you can expect to receive.
When should I use a 1040A?
Form 1040-A If you couldn't use Form 1040-EZ 14for example, because you had dependents to claim 14you would have been able to use 1040A if. You are filing as single, married filing jointly or separately, qualifying widow or widower, or head of household. Your taxable income is less than $100,000.
Who can file a 1040A or 1040EZ?
As with Form 1040EZ, you can only use Form 1040A if your taxable income is less than $100,000. Other income requirements for Form 1040A differ from 1040EZ in that they allow you to include a broader category of income.
Where do I find my 1040?
Get the current filing year's forms, instructions, and publications for free from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Download them from IRS.gov. Order by phone at 1-800-TAX-FORM (1-800-829-3676)
Who should use 1040A tax form?
All taxpayers can use Form 1040; however, to use Form 1040A you must satisfy a number of requirements, such as having taxable income of $100,000 or less and claiming the standard deduction rather than itemizing.
When should form 1040A be used?
Form 1040-A If you couldn't use Form 1040-EZ 14for example, because you had dependents to claim 14you would have been able to use 1040A if. You are filing as single, married filing jointly or separately, qualifying widow or widower, or head of household. Your taxable income is less than $100,000.
What does 1040A mean?
Reporting tax, credits and payments on Form 1040A Once you calculate your tax, Form 1040A allows you to claim a limited number of tax credits such as for child and dependent care expenses, child tax credit, the credit for the elderly or disabled and education tax credits.
How do I do a 1040?
How to Fill Out Form 1040 Step 1. Fill In Your Basic Information. The first half of Form 1040 asks some basic questions about your filing status, identification, contact information, and dependents Step 2. Report Your Income Step 3. Claim Your Deductions Step 4. Calculate Your Tax Step 5. Claim Tax Credits.
What do you put on line 30 of the 1040?
You report the final amount on Line 30 of your 2022 federal income tax return (Form 1040 or Form 1040-SR). The recovery rebate credit is a "refundable" credit, which means you'll get a tax refund if the credit is larger than the tax that you would otherwise have to pay.
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