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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form What Is IRS 1040a vs. Form 1040 Schedule F

Instructions and Help about Form What Is IRS 1040a vs. Form 1040 Schedule F

Let's talk about the IRS Forum Schedule F line-by-line instructions for farming profit and loss. Don't go anywhere, welcome back folks to another edition of the awesome Studio Kiwi Show. How are you today? I hope you are doing fantastic. I'm doing marvelous, if you already ask me. And if you are doing as great as I am, go grab a cup of coffee or tea or vodka and let's roll in today's conversation. I want to talk to you about Schedule F farming profit and loss. Farming is a complicated business and navigating tax laws only makes it more complex. Fortunately, there is an IRS form, Publication 225, which has a lot of info about keeping tax records, accounting for farm income and expenses, and how the tax laws apply to farm operations. Right now, I'm putting on the screen the snapshot of Publication 225, the Farmer's Tax Guide, along with the link to the IRS website. This document helps individuals involved in agribusiness navigate the farming-specific tax code and it details and outlines how the federal government taxes farms. Individuals will be liable for taxes if the farm is operated for profit, whether the taxpayer owns the farm or is a tenant. Very important. On Publication 225, you can also find the different accounting methods that farmers may use for running their operations and how farmers must report farm income. Along with Publication 225, the IRS also has Publication 51, and we're showing this to you right now on the screen. Publication 51 is a document specific to the employers of agricultural workers. It provides guidance on how individuals who employ workers in the agribusiness must comply with tax withholdings. Sometimes the US Department of Labor requires employers to register with them and also does not allow employers to label farm...